Orca presented at Computing Conference - July 15, 2021

Orca paper accepted - December 6, 2020

My paper explaining the Orca library is accepted for publication, and presentation at the Computing Conference 2021 in London, UK. The preprint version of the paper can be reached at the ResearchGate page.

guile-orca 0.1.0 - November 22, 2020

I am very happy to announce the first release of Orca, a Guile (Scheme) library containing RPC routines for parallel computation on MPI systems.

Today, MPI is one of the most used standards, in particular high-performance computing systems. However, MPI programmers are explicitly required to deal with many complexities that render MPI programming hard to reason about. I designed and implemented a set of new APIs to alleviate this complexity by taking advantage of the expressive power of Scheme language using remote evaluation techniques on MPI systems.

The source code of the library is made available at my gitweb page under LGPL version 3 or later. Please report bugs, problems as well as your patches to ahmet at artulab period com.